Dear Mr Rajak,

I am writing to thank you and all the staff…for the excellent skill, care and consideration I experienced during my cataract operation and at the follow up appointment. The sight in my eye is restored – I can see the world!

Richard M, Cataract Surgery

Dear Mr Rajak,

Thank you for fixing my ptosis. I had an uneventful recovery and have already appreciated the difference the surgery has made.

Dr Henry R, Ptosis (droopy lid) Surgery

Dear Saul,
Thank you for all the skill and care you have shown in making me feel so much more confidence in myself

JN, Blepharoplasty Surgery

Dear Mr Rajak and his wonderful team, thank you for all your help and patience with me during my recent procedure

PB, Ptosis Surgery

I would like to thank you for the cataract operation that you performed on my left eye. The difference is a miracle. Thank you again and again.

AJ, Cataract Surgery

Dear Mr Rajak, I have had wonderful care from you and all the staff for which I am most grateful.

JS, Eyelid Cancer Surgery

Dear Saul, Just to say a massive 'thank you' for everything you have done for me. We have very much appreciated your care, attention and humour.

JL, Eyelid Trauma Surgery

Please could you convey my very grateful thanks to Mr Rajak for today. I am so grateful to him for calming me down so the surgery could go ahead

RB, Eyelid Surgery

Mr Rajak and his team helped me through the whole process of which I was very nervous and help me and my family understand every part of the operations.

DW, Eyelid Cancer Surgery

Dear Dr Saul Rajak,
I would like to thank you for your email, but mainly for your professionalism regarding my problem.
First of all, you were so meticulous and kind which make you a very good doctor.
I was lucky that you were the one who handled my case.

GC, Eye Infection

I have been operated on many times in his life but this time I actually 'enjoyed the experience'. You were exceptionally good at putting him at ease and doing the surgery and that I cannot thank you enough.

DP Blepharoplasty and Ptosis Surgery

Dear Saul
I just wanted to say a big thank you for taking the time to see me and for the miracle cream you prescribed. It has worked wonders, sorting out my eyes within days. Now they are back to normal it makes me realise how sore they had been for so long.

CR, Eyelid Inflammation

Dear Mr Rajak,
Thank you for performing such a painless miracle with the removal of the cataract on my right eye. I could see better than I have been able to for years: such brightness and such colours and I could thread a needle just like that.

HB, Cataract Surgery

Dear Dr Rajak,
Just a few lines to say how I appreciated your consideration and kindness. Thank you so much for the phone call when you had reviewed the scan results. You made me feel that I mattered, thank you.

CH, Visual Symptoms

Dear Mr Rajak,
I would like to thank you for the care and attention you gave me in my eye operation. After a good night's sleep, I woke with very clear eyesight, no pain and I can see much better than yesterday.

ES, Cataract Surgery

Dear Dr Rajak,
It was particularly reassuring to be given a clear summary of your findings in a form understandable to a layman. My natural anxiety was completely abated by your charming and reassuring professional manner.

HJ, Visual Symptoms

Dr Dr Rajak,
I wish to let you know that the diagnosis was brilliant and spot on. Your whole manner was exceptional.

IT, Watery Eye

Dear Mr Rajak,
Thank you for your kindness and care during my eye treatment

IS, Eyelid Surgery

Dear Mr Rajak,
I wish to say thank you very much for the treatment of my eye. It's lovely to see clearly with both eyes.

IB, Cataract Surgery

Thank you for very successful laser treatment, given my Dr Saul Rajak

JB, YAG Laser After Cataract Surgery

Dear Dr Rajak,
I felt I had to tell you how pleased I am following my cataract operation you carried out on...I am amazed. I felt no pain at all and my vision is wonderful.

KB, Cataract Surgery

Dear Mr Rajak.
Thank you for doing my cataract surgery on...I can see very well. I saw my first ladybird for years!

RH, Cataract Surgery

Dear Saul,
Thank you for the amazing work and support you have provided us over these past few weeks. It was always nice to see a friendly face. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

SD and Family, Severe Eye Infection

Dear Saul and team,
I am at a loss to find the words to express my thanks and gratitude for what you have done for me....the results are amazing. We will always be grateful that we came into contact with you and what you are achieving.

BH & Familly, eye socket reconstruction and artificial eye surgery

To Mr Rajak, it is great being able to read and not have a black line in my vision!!

SM, cataract surgery

Dear Mr S Rajak, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a new lease of life following my operation last Tuesday. My love to your whole team

LB, cataract surgery

Dear Mr Rajak, we would like to thank you for your quality time and professional expertise during our appointment. You answered all of our questions (and many more) patiently, candidly and comprehensively, providing all the information required to make an informed decision.

EP, tear drainage (DCR - dacryocystorhinostomy) surgery

Dear Mr Rajak, How pleased I am with the result of the laser treatment. After seen my optometrist and order new glasses I can now drive again. Thank you so much, I now have my independence back again.

DS, laser surgery for posterior capsular opacification

Dear Saul and Eileen,
Thank you for your care and kindness

JF, inturned eyelid correction and cataract surgery

Dear Saul, thank you for your help with CY. He's doing really well thanks to you.

father of CY, paediatric inturned eyelid

Dear Mr Rajak,
...lasering my eyes was an enormous success!! No floaters and everything clearer.

CD, laser for post cataract opacification

Saul, thank you for giving me the confidence to proceed with surgery and for the amazing results.

RM, upper lid blepharoplasty

...my thanks to Saul for my treatment yesterday. He made me feel so relaxed and at ease. I have been feeling fine today and you can hardly even tell I’ve had any treatment.

SC, removal of lid lesions

Can I take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for all the care and attention given to N by Mr Rajak and the whole team at Nuffield Woodingdean

NS, cataract surgery

Thank you for your special care today.
Was so nervous & worried about procedure but all our chats together helped so much. Thank you for all your chatting for England and the medical world and displacing focus on what was going on.
You are an amazing team together - my sincere thanks to [your nurses] too.
Bless you all.

SP, upper lid blepharoplasty

I am delighted with the result, I have had no adverse reactions

JD, YAG capsulotomy

I am absolutely delighted with the improvement in my eye sight. Thank you

PC, cataract surgery

I recently had a bcc removed from my lower eyelid which had been growing for three years , under the care of Dr. Saul Rajak at the Nuffield Hospital in Woodingdean. I have nothing but praise for this surgeon. I had previously been told by the NHS that two operations and a skin graft would be required, with my eye covered completely for 2-3 weeks.

Dr. Rajak performed one operation, with no skin graft and the result is amazing. At my first attendance he removed my real dread of what was to follow, giving me complete confidence in his unsurpassable ability. He shows humility, compassion and his expertise is beyond words. I cannot speak highly enough of my visits and his treatment of me. My fear of further removal of skin cancers around my eyes has gone for as long as Dr Rajak is my surgeon.

His PA - Eileen Cove is such a lovely lady - friendly and very helpful, as too, are all the nurses involved. I recommend anyone with an eyelid problem to see Dr Rajak at the Nuffield. It is where my next visit will be, even if I have to beg, borrow or steal the money rather than take up the free treatment on the NHS.

BH, eyelid cancer excision surgery

With grateful thanks for two excellent cataract operations

RG, cataract surgery

Many thanks for sorting out my bilateral ptosis and at the same time ridding me of daily headaches and feeling perpetually sleepy! Truly amazing results.

LH, ptosis surgery

I don't think a day goes by where I don't appreciate my new eyesight!

TB, cataract surgery

I am so pleased with the result of the eyelid operation. Seems like a new window on the world ! I realise now how much I needed it.

FD, upper lid blepharoplasty