Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery 1

What is Cosmetic Eye Surgery?


Cosmetic or aesthetic eye surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the eyes and surrounding areas and reduce the signs of aging 키샷 크랙 다운로드. It can also improve the comfort of the eyelids and forehead and alleviate feelings of heaviness and strain. Cosmetic eye surgery can be one of the most effective ways of rejuvenating the face 다운로드. It can make one look and feel younger and remove tired and dark circles around the eyes as well as removing or flattening excessive skin and prominences around the eyes 신비한 동물들과 그린델왈드의 범죄 다운로드. The improvement will gently blend with the rest of the facial skin and therefore friends and relatives often describe people as looking healthier, brighter and not tired without knowing they have had surgery 크로니클 영화 다운로드.


What Procedures Does a Cosmetic Eye Surgeon Perform


The most common cosmetic eye procedures are

  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty
  • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty
  • Droopy eyelid (ptosis) correction
  • Brow lift surgery


These are all described in detail below


Who Should Perform Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery 다운로드?


The area around the eye is a highly visible part of our body and a challenging place to conduct surgery because of the eyelid function, anatomy and appearance 다운로드. Cosmetic eye surgery must be performed by a surgeon who is highly skilled and trained in this area and also one who performs eyelid plastic surgery procedures very regularly 에펙 소스 다운로드. It should not be performed by a surgeon who does not have specialist training in this area of surgery or does not operate on the eyelids very regularly 다운로드.


What is an Oculoplastic Surgeon?


Oculoplastic surgeons only do plastic surgery to the area around the eyes unlike general plastic surgeons who cover the whole body and may do eyelid plastic surgery much less regularly and may not have received specialised training in this area 다운로드. Oculoplastic surgeons will have done around seven years of eye surgery training, and most will have done at least two years of training just in eyelid plastic surgery 다운로드.


What Training and Experience Does Mr Rajak Have?


Mr Rajak graduated from Nottingham in 2000 as one of 5 students in his year with Honours and received several undergraduate prizes. He undertook specialist ophthalmology training in the London and Brighton region including at the Sussex Eye Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital. After completing his eye surgery training, he did his first specialist fellowship for one year in eyelid plastic surgery at the Sussex Eye Hospital and his second fellowship in this field, for a further two years at The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia. This is one of the most prestigious and demanding fellowships in the world and incorporates extensive training and surgery in eyelid, eye socket and tear drainage surgery.


Mr Rajak is one of the most renowned eyelid surgeons in the UK. He undertakes over 500 eyelid, eyesocket and tear duct procedures each year. He has extensive experience and exceptional outcomes from cosmetic eyelid surgery.

  • Before
  • 3 months after right and left upper lid blepharoplasty
  • Before Before
  • 3 months after3 months after